Biometrics SimplifIDe.

Digital and Physical access control.
Replace user names and passwords.
Funds transfer authorization.
Stop identity fraud.
Know who your customers are.
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NextGen Framework
Multiple biometrics

Choose your mode

Only SimplifIDe lets you decide the biometric modality that works best for your situation.

Biometrics made versatile

On any device.

Only SimplifIDe gives you the flexibility and mobility to enroll users and verify identity remotely in any situation.

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Identification Platform
Biometrics made versatile.

Over any platform.

SimplifIDe is platform independent, making the use of biometrics across platforms friction-free.

Biometrics made affordable

Pay as you go

Only SimplifIDe dumps up-front fees and offers pay-as-you-go options that give you a choice and control over your expenses.

Identification Platform
Identification Platform
Easy Integrations

Developer API

Integrate into your existing web site, apps and solutions with ease. Try out our developer portal to get started.

Checkout our developer portal.

The SimplifIDe Managed Service Platform

We manage the complexity, security and host the cloud infrastructure so you do not have to.

Automatic Server Provisioning.

When you sign-up for a account with us we take care of automatically provisioning the servers, installing and configuring all the software and secure cloud infrastructure.

Auto scaling

Leveraging the power of the cloud and grid computing we automatically scale based on demand. This allows us to provide system response times that do not degrade during high usage hours and allows us to pass on the price benefits during low usage hours.

High Availability & Business Continuity

Utilizing highly redundant infrastructure in multiple geographic locations we can provide highlty available system with business continuity even in the case of disasters.

Automated patching and upgrades

With our managed service we manage all the patching of the server operating system, upgrades to operating system, code and frameworks so you can focus on your core business. We also perform routine reviews of our infrastructure to keep it up-to-date with the latest vulnerabilities.

Automatic Data backups and archival

We give you the peace of mind knowing that you data is automatically backed up in multiple locations on the cloud.

End to End Encryption

Leveraging the best of the breed encryption algorithms we provide encryption for both data at rest and data in transit. Using industry best practices we manage the key vaults, key rotation and overall encryption key management to ensure that your data is always safe.


In addition to end to end encryption we also provide an highly secure managed infrastructure that uses a combination of strict policies, configurations and trust boundaries. With periodic security assessments we keep up with ongoing threats and vulnerabilities.


With our separation of concerns between identification and transactions the identification information is housed in an entirely separate location than the transaction information providing the users with the security without loss of privacy.


With our rules based plugin architecture, you have the flexibility of defining the rules. Based on time, geo location, usage patterns and other configurable factors your can define how the identification is handled or you could use it our of the box.

Machine Learning

Our unique machine learning techniques learns your usage pattern over time and automatically assigns a risk score to the transaction allowing us to automatically bump up the security if an anomaly in usage pattern is detected.

Trusted Device Management

Using our trusted device management approach we can enroll users remotely from their trusted devices.We can keep a track of the users trusted devices and only allow verification from those devices. This provides multiple layers of protection beyond just biometrics. The trusted devices could be verified using a number of different techniques including but not limited to on device biometrics like Apple TouchID, Google Imprint and more.

Plug-ins and Integrations

Using our browser plugins, kiosk apps, custom login modules and directory service integrations we can verify your identify even beyond web and mobile apps. Our custom login modules combined with directory service integrations allow you defined access controls based on roles based on user verification of biometrics from their trusted devices. Browser extensions provide you with the convenience of verification without even leaving your current website.

Runtime biometric mode selection

Our flexible solution allows you to automatically choose the right identification paradigm for the right scenario and use case. Choose the right approach based on where user is present, not present, calling in, using mobile or leveraging internet of things.

Plug-n-play biometric algorithms

We understand that technology changes fast and therefore with our plug and play architecture we can evolve quickly by pluggin in the most up-to-date biometric modality and algorithm.

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